Season 06 - Episode 19 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (01.02.2017)


Diavolos have been around since 2013. Formed by Nikos & Tasos, oldtimers and connoisseurs of the metal genre, Diavolos consists of people from around the world. We've been trying to invite them for an interview for quite some time now and were extremely excited when Nikos (guitars) decided to come by the studio. We talked about the history of the band and listened to their debut album 'You Lived, Now Die' in its entirety. Future plans and points of view regarding the modus operandi of the band were thoroughly analyzed and we booked an appointment with the whole of the band in the near (?) future for a live session (hopefully). Listen below and praise Satan!



Season 06 - Episode 18 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (25.01.2017)

Just another solo web radio podcast by yours truly, featuring -among others- some Greek underground music.



Season 06 - Episode 17 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (18.01.2017)


Just another solo web radio podcast by yours truly, featuring Kemerov's debut full-length 'FMKD' (out now by Vault Relics Records), as well as a recording of Greg's Birthday song from a party we had at the studio a couple of days back (big shout-out to Idrima 99 F.C.).


Belated uploads of Episodes 14 - 15 - 16

Season 06 - Episode 16 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (11.01.2017)

Season 06 - Episode 15 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (04.01.2017)

 Season 06 - Episode 14 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (28.12.2016)




Season 06 - Episode 13 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (14.12.2016)


Three bands in the studio, two of them with a fresh release, a three-way-interview & a live session. What could go wrong? Well, according to Murphy's Law, everything. Blame Canada, a newly found post-rock band, 4LT., an alternative rock band & God In A Cone, a one-man-band performing 'experimental sounds without musical boundaries' came by the studio for an interview. Blame Canada & 4LT., both with their debut full length releases in hand ('City We Love To Hate' & 'Puppet Syndrome Society', respectively) as well as God In A Cone conversed with Heavy & Unhealthy for two long hours and the first band delivered a Live Session. We only managed to save the Session, due to various technical fails. Never mind that, here's Blame Canada's live session!




Season 06 - Episode 12 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (07.12.2016)


 It' s great to have a band in the studio. It's even better if that band is not in immediate proximity and you rarely get the chance to catch them live, let alone talk to them in person. Monk, the horror doomsters from Piskopio of Syros island, found their way to the studio in Piraeus, after a three-day tour in Ioannina, Thessaloniki and Athens, joined by their comrades Korsikov, in order to promote their first full length release 'Black Earth Beneath' (out now by Fuzz Ink Records). Manitari, Woodman & John (drums, bass & guitar, respectively) talked about their ultra-heavy-eerie doom/sludge sound, their history, influences and the pains of the DYI musicianship. To top it all up, they delivered a massive live session which, unfortunately, we managed to delete by accident. Fortunately we salvaged the radio recording. Listen and support Syros' finest!



Season 06 - Episode 11 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (30.11.2016)

Just another solo web radio podcast by yours truly, featuring -among others- some Greek underground music.




Season 06 - Episode 10 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (23.11.2016)


The Dead Dranks have been around for quite some time. Having just released their self-titled debut, we seized the opportunity to invite them over and make them spill the beans. Sotos, Tony, Polydoros & Akis (Vocals & guitars, bass & drums respectively) were given the Heavy & Unhealthy treatment over at our dirty headquarters. Here are two hours of blabber and a live session by the aforementioned rascals. Unfortunately, having erased the multi-channel recording by accident, we uploaded the radio version of the live session. Sorry Dranks, we owe you some beers...




Season 06 - Episode 09 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (16.11.2016)

 Two and a half hours of bad puns and horrible jokes with the four fifths of Blame Kandinsky. Marios, Spyros, Kostas & Chris (two guitarists, a bassist & a drummer respectively) sat on the casting couch of the H&U headquarters to talk about their latest release 'Spotting Elegance In Chaos' and their future plans. As always, a pleasure hanging around those guys and listening to their tunes. Looking forward to a future live session with those badasses!



Season 06 - Episode 08 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (09.11.2016)

 This one features The Curf, a band that has been making noise in Athens for the past 10 years. Having just returned back in action with their excellent 'Royal Water' EP, Chris, Spyros & Pepper (guitars & vocals, bass guitar & drums respectively) joined us in our man cave in Piraeus for a couple of hours, during which we talked about the bands' history & future plans, their future live shows & as always their food of choice. Finally, they graced us with an awesome live session featuring a couple of never before released tracks! Special thanx to Nancy Sim (of 'The Burning Sticks') for putting up with 6 guys in a small space for two long hours and for her amazing live performance.